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shipment status: IN TRANSIT

Sender Information

Name: Trader Zeferino
Address: USA 🇺🇸
Email: zeferinofxt@gmail.com

Recipient Information

Name: Rodrigo Fávero
Address: Brazil 🇧🇷 Rafard S/P Maurício Allain n: 181 casa:A
Email: rodrigofavero76@gmail.com

Shipment Information

Origin:USA 🇺🇸
Destination:Brazil 🇧🇷 Rafard S/P Maurício Allain n: 181 casa:A
Expected Pickup Date:April 24, 2024
Shipment Mode:Air Freight
Package Description:A seal box 📦 containing the sum of $300,000 BRL reais in cash
Weight:3.72 grams

Parcel Delivery Status

Location NameLocation StatusUpdated At
Portugal 🇵🇹 In Transit23/04/2024

Additional Information

Thank you for shipping with X Transport Logistics, for more information send a mail to support@xtransportlogistics.com