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shipment status: IN TRANSIT

Sender Information

Name: Jay Harrington
Address: Wellesley, Massachusetts United States
Email: jayharrington@gmail.com

Recipient Information

Name: Dolores Bitoon Bocala
Address: Home address is Agbalo Panay capiz
Email: doloresbocala@gmail.com

Shipment Information

Origin:Wellesley, Massachusetts United States
Destination:Home address is Agbalo Panay capiz
Expected Pickup Date:May 15, 2024
Shipment Mode:Air Freight
Package Description:1. 75 Carat Gold ( including the gold certificate of ownership ) 2. Apple laptop 3. Official movie documents 4. Real estate documents.

Parcel Delivery Status

Location NameLocation StatusUpdated At
Wellesley, Massachusetts United StatesIn Transit14/05/2024

Additional Information

Thank you for shipping with X Transport Logistics, for more information send a mail to support@xtransportlogistics.com